Do more for less.

We are working towards making server hosting more accessible in both the website hosting space and gaming space. Trying to simplify the process (while still allowing those in the know to get full product leverage) to enable everyone to build an online presence for their business, community or project.


Host your own custom application or project with ease, we have multiple options so you can scale your project accordingly.
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Website Hosting

Both pros and begginers will find it easy to set up their own internet presence with our affordable website hosting plans.
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Users Served



Growing Server

We started as a small commercial website hosting provider in 2016. Offering specialised servers solutions to businesses and projects. Since then we have grown to offer a growing collection of services to a growing number of happy customers.

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Our support staff provide an extended, premium service to all our clients. Helping you with server setup and getting you set up for success. Contact support and view our growing collection of support guides here.

Custom Commercial Servers and Website Design

Does your business need a custom website and/or a custom server solution? We offer quotes on custom server configurations and custom website designs and web hosting plans.
Simply contact support to start a discussion and get a quote.

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Low Prices

We aim to offer a high quality service at an affordable price, compromising as little as possible.

Dedicated Hardware

Unlike some other providers we never oversell services. Ensuring each user is able to max out their server if needed (with some extra).

Premium Support

We offer every client equal priority support. Giving as much help as we can to set you up for success.



100k +

People Connected



Awesome features

The design system comes with three pre-built pages to help you get started faster. You can change the text and images and you're good to go.

  • Carefully crafted components
  • Simplified Processes
  • Transparent Information